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Thank you for your support of Kindred CRAFT, LLC.


In November 2022, the founding organizers and members of Kindred CRAFT, LLC entered into mediation with an independent contractor through the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust to better understand each other’s individual goals, values, and ultimately our shared value-based alignments and recommitment to the project and each other.


Currently, Kindred CRAFT, LLC is in a space of deep organizational transformation in its membership through both informal and forced legal conversations. Some founding members have voluntarily (forced) and legally evolved away from the LLC, while others have reorganized themselves to pursue other projects with like-minded organizations, and some have continued to hold space in the organization’s name, but as an individual art and land initiative. 


As advocates and supporters of Kindred CRAFT, LLC, it is important that you are informed of the current state of Kindred. When ready, the founding members will share history with transparency, humility, compassion, and integrity. We must be accountable to the individuals, communities, and organizations that have cheered us on through our evolution.


We will all continue to build in other spaces, with other families and communities, and with you.


We are grateful to you for the space you’ve held our dreams and voices.  

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