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At Kindred CRAFT we believe that everyone contributes to building community—we learn from and are taught by people of all ages and backgrounds.  Kindred heals from the land and youth are a part of how we heal from past and current traumas, and how we imagine and build our futures.  Families are welcome at Kindred CRAFT.


Our elders are vessels.  They hold onto knowledge, have ancestral stories in their minds, and hearts, embody lived experiences, and share this with us. We honor our Elders and value their presence and participation at Kindred CRAFT.


Our non-human companions teach us compassion and patience and boundaries and how to care beyond ourselves.  On site companions are Coco and DJuna, two lovely canine pals who will walk the land with you and remind you that playfulness and presentness are essential to healing.  Our guests are welcome with their accompanying service animals and support animal companions with prior arrangements made with residency. 


Youth and elders are an integral part of the Kindred Community and programming.  Their safety is our shared priority and responsibility.

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