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We are a BIPOC LGBTQ+ led collective of creatives, educators, and activists committed to teaching sustainable living through regenerative agriculture, community outreach, and arts education. We are building an ecologically sustainable village, acknowledging our responsibility to steward the land collectively, to protect and preserve it for future generations of Black-Indigenous-People-of-Color, so that we may live, create, and work in peace, safety, and freedom. 


We are multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-generational  artists, teachers, and farmers creating a community based on democratic principles and a shared vision. We believe in sustainable living through regenerative agriculture, forming deep connections to our community, project based learning, and inclusivity.  As we face the growing challenges of racial and economic inequality, combined with the threat of climate change, we see the need for thoughtful and progressive change in how we have functioned as a community. We acknowledge how difficult it is to create a truly equal and democratic society based on honesty, trust, and integrity.  While we are newly formed as an organization, we have the tools, skills, knowledge base, and life experience, to be successful in this endeavor, as well as the shared commitment to this crucial work.

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